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Natural help for a Father’s Anxiety and Depression.

Adam was trying to get custody of his five year old daughter. He was struggling with Depression and Anxiety throughout the process. After coming to Brain Life Center, he’s calmer, happier, and has formed a closer bond with his daughter. “For me, this worked wonders.” “Now I don’t have to go through this rollercoaster of […]

Brain Injury and Anger Management

“It’s nice to be able to get up and actually feel like it’s a good day ahead of you.” “I was in a head-on car accident in December of 2015, and it was not my first concussion.” “It was affecting pretty much everything. I couldn’t sleep, I was always very irritable about everything, it didn’t […]

Natural Anxiety Relief

“For seven years I couldn’t sleep without taking anxiety medicine… and I just got dependent on it.” “Now, after going through the training, I can sleep with no anxiety medicine, I fall asleep fast- I don’t even remember falling asleep, which is amazing for me.” “This was the biggest, the best thing I ever did […]

Help for Elderly Parents

“My dad is 82 years old now. And he’s always been a very able person, very dependable, very much respect him and love him. But about a year ago now, January of 2019, he began to exhibit some symptoms that we had never seen before.” Doug’s father was diagnosed with dementia and began hearing voices […]

Help for a Mother’s Anxiety

“I started coming to Brain Life Center because I was experiencing a higher level of anxiety than normal- so much so that it was just affecting my life on a daily basis too much, and it wasn’t something that I wanted my daughter watching as an example. So it was time to make a change.” […]

“I was able to go back to school”

“Life wasn’t going down the path that I really intended for it to go.” Jacob had a sit-down conversation with his family. He was struggling to get his life on track and move forward. He had a lot of struggles. He slept poorly due to nightmares every night, felt constant stress, had low confidence, struggled […]

Social Anxiety Relief

“Engineering in school is tough, it’s really tough. And I kind of have really spiraled down since I started college.” This is Corey’s story. Corey felt overwhelmed being with her family during Christmas get-togethers. She would often seclude herself in her room when she felt overwhelmed. She also struggled with obsessive compulsive desires, poor sleep, […]

“I Thought I Tried Everything” for Sleep and Anxiety

“Finally I’m back.” Krystian is a truck driver. He couldn’t sleep for days and suffered from crippling anxiety. “I didn’t work for months ’cause I couldn’t get in a semi-truck and drive, I was just scared to go.” “I thought I tried everything… and nothing helped, you know.” This is Krystian’s story. Krystian shares of […]

“There’s Nothing Greater Than That, to Have Your Child Back”

“Kiara is 15 years old… Kiara had difficulty focusing, sleeping, and also with depression.” Baidaa and her daughter, Kiara, share her story. “She’s improved so much in such a short period of time, it’s a prayer answered… I mean, there’s nothing greater than that, to have your child back.” You can get your child started […]

Help Students with Focus and Anxiety: On the Radio with Mac

Kendra, our co-owner’s daughter, shares how she overcame anxiety and panic attacks during her college years. Mac from WMUZ talks with Dave and Julie about the help that Brain Life Center has provided for students who needed more focus and confidence to face the tests- at school and elsewhere- in their lives. To learn more […]