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Inspiring Family Interview: Overcoming Brain Injuries

Renee and her two children were on their way to Michigan, when they hit by a semitruck. They all sustained brain injuries that impacted their ability to sleep and focus. They also had new limitations on their cognitive performance. After coming to Brain Life Center they began sleeping soundly and focusing sharply. They have now […]

Get Better Sleep (with Mac on WMUZ)

Do you feel rested in the morning? Dave and Julie talk with Mac on WMUZ about the importance of sleep and how thousands of Michiganders have gotten better sleep- naturally- with Brain Life Center. Listen to the conversation here:

Natural Help for Depression with Mac on WMUZ

Depression is a huge problem across America. But are there solutions other than medication- that don’t come with the same side effects- that actually work? The answer is yes! Mac on WMUZ talks with Brain Life Center co-owners Dave and Julie about the process and technology at Brain Life Center.

Help Students with Focus and Anxiety: On the Radio with Mac

Kendra, our co-owner’s daughter, shares how she overcame anxiety and panic attacks during her college years. Mac from WMUZ talks with Dave and Julie about the help that Brain Life Center has provided for students who needed more focus and confidence to face the tests- at school and elsewhere- in their lives. To learn more […]

Drug-Free Peace: with Mac at WMUZ

Mac from WMUZ talks with Dave and Julie about how the neurotechnologies at Brain Life Center have helped people with sleep, anxiety, and general peace. If you or someone you know struggles to get sleep, be at rest, or feel calm, browse our website for more information and call 248-922-9490 to get started.

“A Clarity That Is Unexplainable”: on WMUZ with Mac

In this radio broadcast our co-owners talk with Mac at WMUZ about how we’ve helped thousands of children and adults improve their mental clarity, focus, and cognitive performance for school, work, and everyday life. Learn more about what we do by browsing our website or by calling us at 248-922-9490.

Home & Health E004: The Workplace Advantage

Learn about the advantage of neurotechnology in the workplace. A real team dealing with fast-paced, high-stress projects shares their experiences before and after Brain Life Center. Discover the power of this drug-free team-performance technology for Michigan businesses. Mac McIntyre: “I was way more creative, I was way more energetic… I’m always appreciative of what they […]

Episode 003: A Powerful Advantage for Children

Dave Sanders and Julie Lamphier meet up again with Mac McIntyre on 103.5 WMUZ The Light. In this episode, they talk about the positive impact Brain Life Center has had on children’s lives by improving their sleep, reducing their anxiety, and increasing their focus and concentration. A mother tells of her son’s pivotal change in […]