Inspiring Family Interview: Overcoming Brain Injuries

Rene and her two children were on their way to Michigan, when they hit by a semitruck. They all sustained brain injuries that impacted their ability to sleep and focus. They also had new limitations on their cognitive performance. After coming to Brain Life Center they began sleeping soundly and focusing sharply. They have now […]

Brain Injury and Anger Management

“It’s nice to be able to get up and actually feel like it’s a good day ahead of you.” “I was in a head-on car accident in December of 2015, and it was not my first concussion.” “It was affecting pretty much everything. I couldn’t sleep, I was always very irritable about everything, it didn’t […]

Get Better Sleep (with Mac on WMUZ)

Do you feel rested in the morning? Dave and Julie talk with Mac on WMUZ about the importance of sleep and how thousands of Michiganders have gotten better sleep- naturally- with Brain Life Center. Listen to the conversation here:

Natural Anxiety Relief

“For seven years I couldn’t sleep without taking anxiety medicine… and I just got dependent on it.” “Now, after going through the training, I can sleep with no anxiety medicine, I fall asleep fast- I don’t even remember falling asleep, which is amazing for me.” “This was the biggest, the best thing I ever did […]

Improve Sleep Naturally

“I couldn’t sleep sometimes, I’d be out for two days without going to sleep.” One of the elders at Dale’s church heard about Brain Life Center, and they brought Dale here. This is Dale’s story. Dale doesn’t have a problem sleeping anymore. “And I sleep good, and I wake up, and I’m fresh.” He even […]