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“I got my husband back” – James and Charlene’s Story

An article featured in Stoney Creek Magazine.     Charlene gave the best gift of love James could have imagined. James had experienced a ruptured aneurysm of the brain. Years after surviving this horrific event, James began to experience many symptoms that can come from trauma. Owning his own business in customer service, James was […]

New Year’s Resolutions Accomplished – Jame’s Story

An article featured in Stoney Creek Magazine.     James Kilkenny, writer and producer for WMUZ 103.5 Detroit, went to Brain Life Center because he was struggling with sleep. He recounts, “I wasn’t sleeping well. I had racing thoughts all night. I would lay in bed just thinking about the next day.” James went through […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Brain Life Center. Call today to receive the gift of a good night’s sleep. 248-922-9490

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for all of the love and support we have received from our clients. It warms our hearts to see our clients go out into the world and be a shining light to others.  Schedule an appointment today. We look forward to helping you live a better life. 248-922-9490

Get Safe and Effective help with Sleep

Michael could not get a good night’s sleep. He would keep waking up in the middle of the night and he’d become extremely frustrated. After coming to Brain Life Center, he sleeps through the night and he’s much more calm and collected. “Keep doing what you’re doing [Brain Life Center], cause it’s helping. It helped […]

Natural help for a Father’s Anxiety and Depression.

Adam was trying to get custody of his five year old daughter. He was struggling with Depression and Anxiety throughout the process. After coming to Brain Life Center, he’s calmer, happier, and has formed a closer bond with his daughter. “For me, this worked wonders.” “Now I don’t have to go through this rollercoaster of […]

Safe and Natural help for Sleep

“I wasn’t sleeping at all; I’m sleeping now.” Norma was having many sleepless nights. She could barely function throughout the day. Then she came to Brain Life Center and had an amazing breakthrough with her sleep! “I really couldn’t form a sentence, it got that bad.” We would love to meet you in our office […]

Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Josh was struggling with anxiety, confidence and depression in his day to day life. Before coming to Brain Life Center, he felt like everything in his life was spiraling downward. “Since I went through the process, I have had not ONE lost day from anxiety.” “Every day is a beautiful day now!” Josh was our […]

Inspiring Family Interview: Overcoming Brain Injuries

Renee and her two children were on their way to Michigan, when they hit by a semitruck. They all sustained brain injuries that impacted their ability to sleep and focus. They also had new limitations on their cognitive performance. After coming to Brain Life Center they began sleeping soundly and focusing sharply. They have now […]

Brain Injury and Anger Management

“It’s nice to be able to get up and actually feel like it’s a good day ahead of you.” “I was in a head-on car accident in December of 2015, and it was not my first concussion.” “It was affecting pretty much everything. I couldn’t sleep, I was always very irritable about everything, it didn’t […]

Get Better Sleep (with Mac on WMUZ)

Do you feel rested in the morning? Dave and Julie talk with Mac on WMUZ about the importance of sleep and how thousands of Michiganders have gotten better sleep- naturally- with Brain Life Center. Listen to the conversation here:

Natural Anxiety Relief

“For seven years I couldn’t sleep without taking anxiety medicine… and I just got dependent on it.” “Now, after going through the training, I can sleep with no anxiety medicine, I fall asleep fast- I don’t even remember falling asleep, which is amazing for me.” “This was the biggest, the best thing I ever did […]

Improve Sleep Naturally

“I couldn’t sleep sometimes, I’d be out for two days without going to sleep.” One of the elders at Dale’s church heard about Brain Life Center, and they brought Dale here. This is Dale’s story. Dale doesn’t have a problem sleeping anymore. “And I sleep good, and I wake up, and I’m fresh.” He even […]

Natural Help for Depression with Mac on WMUZ

Depression is a huge problem across America. But are there solutions other than medication- that don’t come with the same side effects- that actually work? The answer is yes! Mac on WMUZ talks with Brain Life Center co-owners Dave and Julie about the process and technology at Brain Life Center.

Help for Elderly Parents

“My dad is 82 years old now. And he’s always been a very able person, very dependable, very much respect him and love him. But about a year ago now, January of 2019, he began to exhibit some symptoms that we had never seen before.” Doug’s father was diagnosed with dementia and began hearing voices […]

Help for a Mother’s Anxiety

“I started coming to Brain Life Center because I was experiencing a higher level of anxiety than normal- so much so that it was just affecting my life on a daily basis too much, and it wasn’t something that I wanted my daughter watching as an example. So it was time to make a change.” […]

“I was able to go back to school”

“Life wasn’t going down the path that I really intended for it to go.” Jacob had a sit-down conversation with his family. He was struggling to get his life on track and move forward. He had a lot of struggles. He slept poorly due to nightmares every night, felt constant stress, had low confidence, struggled […]

Social Anxiety Relief

“Engineering in school is tough, it’s really tough. And I kind of have really spiraled down since I started college.” This is Corey’s story. Corey felt overwhelmed being with her family during Christmas get-togethers. She would often seclude herself in her room when she felt overwhelmed. She also struggled with obsessive compulsive desires, poor sleep, […]

“I Thought I Tried Everything” for Sleep and Anxiety

“Finally I’m back.” Krystian is a truck driver. He couldn’t sleep for days and suffered from crippling anxiety. “I didn’t work for months ’cause I couldn’t get in a semi-truck and drive, I was just scared to go.” “I thought I tried everything… and nothing helped, you know.” This is Krystian’s story. Krystian shares of […]

“There’s Nothing Greater Than That, to Have Your Child Back”

“Kiara is 15 years old… Kiara had difficulty focusing, sleeping, and also with depression.” Baidaa and her daughter, Kiara, share her story. “She’s improved so much in such a short period of time, it’s a prayer answered… I mean, there’s nothing greater than that, to have your child back.” You can get your child started […]

Help Students with Focus and Anxiety: On the Radio with Mac

Kendra, our co-owner’s daughter, shares how she overcame anxiety and panic attacks during her college years. Mac from WMUZ talks with Dave and Julie about the help that Brain Life Center has provided for students who needed more focus and confidence to face the tests- at school and elsewhere- in their lives. To learn more […]

Natural Help for Sleep (and More)

“I’ve been wanting to do this for years and finally just took the plunge and did it.” Marigold is an x-ray technologist who works the night shift. And she was having a hard time getting home safely at night: “I have had scary rides home where my eyes could not stay open.” This is her […]

Nonmedical Help for Anxiety

“My boss of 28 years was verbally abusive to me. And it took a toll. I was very stressed out and didn’t realize it until I had got tingling and numbness in my fingers, and then it went into my feet, and then it went up my legs and over my hips.” This is Helen’s […]

“The best self-help thing I have ever done”

Richard’s taken a great step in overcoming his anxiety with Brain Life Center. “I thought it might be able to help because I was suffering, I believe, anxiety, and low lack of confidence and self-image.” Richard is more relaxed, sharing “I’m not self-conscious about anything, I’m enjoying the moment.” He also asserts that coming was […]

Natural Help for Anxiety, Sleep, and Focus

“If you’re scattered, you’re just not making good choices. And I was scattered, I was all over the map there for a couple years.” This is Sharon’s story. Sharon had a lot of anxiety, little sleep, and weak focus. When she came to us, we were able to help her begin overcoming her anxiety, improving […]

Freedom from Anxiety and Sadness

Leah was skeptical at first. But then she came to Brain Life Center. Leah had seen many therapists and been on many medications to help with her anxiety and feelings of sadness. “And just this process… has helped me more than all those combined… I can’t honestly remember the last time I was anxious.” Leah’s […]

Her Son Can Now Communicate and Focus

Christopher struggles to move, focus, and communicate. His mother shares his story. Chris’s mother shares that right away after his experience at Brain Life Center he was more alert and attentive. His balance improved, his curiosity increased, and he’s been able to communicate more clearly. “Before, I was always the interpreter,” but now her family […]

Drug-Free Peace: with Mac at WMUZ

Mac from WMUZ talks with Dave and Julie about how the neurotechnologies at Brain Life Center have helped people with sleep, anxiety, and general peace. If you or someone you know struggles to get sleep, be at rest, or feel calm, browse our website for more information and call 248-922-9490 to get started.

“I’m so much happier”

Kathy struggled with stress and poor sleep. Then she came to Brain Life Center. “I’m so much happier,” Kathy shares. “I sleep really well. I dream now, and remember the dreams. So, yeah. I’m excited.” If you’d like to get yourself or a loved one started, give us a call at 248-922-9490. We’d love to […]

Help for erratic sleep

Brandy couldn’t sleep well. This is her story. Brandy’s sleep was erratic. She felt exhausted throughout the day. “I would just be kinda in this zombie mode and more like a robot going through the motions.” But after going through the process at Brain Life Center in Michigan, Brandy found that she has “so much […]

Seasonal Sadness and Lack of Motivation

Candace struggled with her mood during Michigan’s long winter months. Then she came to Brain Life Center. After going through the process, Candace’s husband commented “Wow, we’ve had several days without sun now, gray days, and you seem chipper.” To which Candace replied “Good, I’m glad, that’s how I wanna feel!” Candace shares “[I’m] very […]

Mother and Son Share His Story: Sleep, Anxiety, Dark Moods

Ashland didn’t want to live anymore. His mom was searching for help with his sleep, anxiety, and dark moods. Before coming to Brain Life Center For about ten years, Ashland had terrible sleep, overwhelming feelings of dread and serious bouts with anxiety.  He struggled to find meaning in his day to day experience. Nothing Ashland […]

“I got my husband back”

James suffered from poor sleep that led to a substantial lack of joy in his life. He and his wife weren’t sure where to find help. This is their story. Before coming to Brain Life Center James had begun to have poor sleep after a number of difficult situations arose at the company he founded. […]

Father and Daughter Testimonial

Tori struggled with sleeplessness and anxiety. She and her father sought help. Before coming to Brain Life Center Tori’s sleeplessness and anxiety became worse over time and continued into college. “Usually I would just stay up till five in the morning and then not be able to fall asleep… I knew that I was in […]

Thank you, Veterans

Today is Veterans Day and we want to thank all of the men and women of our armed forces at home and around the world. Thank you for your sacrifice and thank you for protecting our freedoms. From all of us at Brain Life Center, God bless you and your families. We’re honored to serve […]

“I didn’t want to lose my son.”

“We started doing some, just counseling- and that’s a good thing, but that’s a long process, and I didn’t know if we were gonna make it that long.” – Ken Demars Sr. Ken Demars Jr. didn’t see a reason to live anymore. His father sought help. Ken Jr. couldn’t sleep, struggled to eat, couldn’t remember […]

You can have peace despite trauma

Jamie had a lot of trauma from childhood abuse. She had taken many steps to heal and take charge of her life, but she shares “there was still something missing.” Jamie used to be afraid to sleep, no matter where she was. If she woke up in the middle of the night, it would take […]

“A Clarity That Is Unexplainable”: on WMUZ with Mac

In this radio broadcast our co-owners talk with Mac at WMUZ about how we’ve helped thousands of children and adults improve their mental clarity, focus, and cognitive performance for school, work, and everyday life. Learn more about what we do by browsing our website or by calling us at 248-922-9490.

“…this changed my life.” Neurotech in Michigan

“It is the one thing that I’ve done that has changed my life the best, in a beneficial way.” – Stephen Stephen was a unique client for us. He didn’t have a specific goal in mind, but rather had heard about the neurotechnology years ago and had been interested in using it. He didn’t seek […]

Help for a Veteran- Without Medication

Christopher, a veteran, came to us because he was struggling with anger, among other things. “I had tried all kinds of therapies, medications, and everything through the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) to try to get my life on track, and none of it seemed to be working.” – Christopher Christopher saw, after working with […]

Improve Sleep: “I don’t wake up exhausted anymore”

Rebecca struggled with poor sleep, irritability, and self-harm. After experiencing a series of sessions, she saw improvement in all these areas. She also saw dramatic improvements in overall peace and calm in her daily life. “It is worth it. You will come out a different person. It’s amazing… I don’t wake up exhausted anymore, so […]

“I found myself not being able to sleep anymore.”

Dana suddenly found herself not able to sleep during her pregnancy. On top of that, she started struggling with anxiety and hopelessness. She heard about how we could help her improve her sleep safely without medication. After contacting us, she came to our office and began using these new technologies. Afterwards, Dana shared, “I felt […]

Home & Health E004: The Workplace Advantage

Learn about the advantage of neurotechnology in the workplace. A real team dealing with fast-paced, high-stress projects shares their experiences before and after Brain Life Center. Discover the power of this drug-free team-performance technology for Michigan businesses. Mac McIntyre: “I was way more creative, I was way more energetic… I’m always appreciative of what they […]

Hope for Those Feeling Hopelessness

Many of our clients have struggled with dark moods, hopelessness, and despair. People often experience this at some point in their lives, but many find themselves stuck, unable to break free and get back to overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, people with hopelessness and depression can often find themselves stigmatized by those around them, leading […]

Better For His Wife, His Daughters, His Work, and His Life

Tom was extremely skeptical when he first heard about us. He wanted to help his family and was interested in seeing if we could help his wife, who has neurological Lyme disease. When he, his wife, and his two daughters went through their Intensives, their lives were changed. Tom shares about his and his wife’s […]

Help for Sleep, Memory, and Physical Discomfort

Jan Smith runs the Maple Cove Bed and Breakfast with her husband, Mark. But her lack of sleep, memory problems, and physical sensitivities used to make her job much more difficult. A way forward Jan learned about Brain Life Center and went through her Assessment, learning about the imbalances in her brain and how they […]

Episode 003: A Powerful Advantage for Children

Dave Sanders and Julie Lamphier meet up again with Mac McIntyre on 103.5 WMUZ The Light. In this episode, they talk about the positive impact Brain Life Center has had on children’s lives by improving their sleep, reducing their anxiety, and increasing their focus and concentration. A mother tells of her son’s pivotal change in […]

Hope in a Dark Place

Toni is a wife and mother who today can smile and tell you confidently that “life is good”. Yet she had spiraled into depression just eight years ago. Finding light in the darkness “I’ve always been a strong advocate of being able to tell people, ‘hey, there’s always hope’,” Toni shares. She had lost her […]

Better Husband, Better Father, Stronger at Work

Enjoy the many stories from people who have seen transformation in themselves and their families through our technology. We’ll include video, a short written synopsis, and some of their quotes. Millions deal with this every night. You have a hard time falling asleep so you pass the time doing chores, checking social media, watching online […]

Episode 001: The Student Advantage | WMUZ Interviews

Dave Sanders and Julie Lamphier, co-owners at Brain Life Center, talk with Mac McIntyre from 103.5 WMUZ The Light about Brain Life Center’s technology. They also share their own testimonials about how this new technology changed the courses of their own children’s lives. (Length 26:46)