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Improve Sleep Naturally

“I couldn’t sleep sometimes, I’d be out for two days without going to sleep.” One of the elders at Dale’s church heard about Brain Life Center, and they brought Dale here. This is Dale’s story. Dale doesn’t have a problem sleeping anymore. “And I sleep good, and I wake up, and I’m fresh.” He even […]

Natural Help for Depression with Mac on WMUZ

Depression is a huge problem across America. But are there solutions other than medication- that don’t come with the same side effects- that actually work? The answer is yes! Mac on WMUZ talks with Brain Life Center co-owners Dave and Julie about the process and technology at Brain Life Center.

Help for Elderly Parents

“My dad is 82 years old now. And he’s always been a very able person, very dependable, very much respect him and love him. But about a year ago now, January of 2019, he began to exhibit some symptoms that we had never seen before.” Doug’s father was diagnosed with dementia and began hearing voices […]

Help for a Mother’s Anxiety

“I started coming to Brain Life Center because I was experiencing a higher level of anxiety than normal- so much so that it was just affecting my life on a daily basis too much, and it wasn’t something that I wanted my daughter watching as an example. So it was time to make a change.” […]

“I was able to go back to school”

“Life wasn’t going down the path that I really intended for it to go.” Jacob had a sit-down conversation with his family. He was struggling to get his life on track and move forward. He had a lot of struggles. He slept poorly due to nightmares every night, felt constant stress, had low confidence, struggled […]