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An article featured in Stoney Creek Magazine.

    James Kilkenny, writer and producer for WMUZ 103.5 Detroit, went to Brain Life Center because he was struggling with sleep. He recounts, “I wasn’t sleeping well. I had racing thoughts all night. I would lay in bed just thinking about the next day.” James went through the Brain Life Center process where he experienced the benefits of their advanced neurotechnology. Regarding his experience, James says, “The big change is I can turn it off. I can turn off the thoughts. I can just relax, and I’m asleep in probably 10-15 minutes and I wake up refreshed. It helped in areas I wasn’t even paying attention to before. Creativity at my job and as a musician were affected positively. I’m more at ease expressing myself now. After Brain Life Center, I began to have the best times ever with my wife and our granddaughters. I was more emotionally present and available. I was really able to just love them like I hadn’t before.”

      He found he was also more confident and assertive in his day to day life. James, at the time, was 300lbs and his blood pressure was 160/130. His doctor called him a “walking time bomb.” Coming to Brain Life Center was the push he needed to spark change in his life. With his renewed confidence, he signed up for a 30 day weight loss program. James lost over 50lbs and was able to better control his blood pressure. James recounts, “I loved it because the people that I work with, they saw the difference as I got smaller and smaller, and skinnier and skinnier.”

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