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“My dad is 82 years old now. And he’s always been a very able person, very dependable, very much respect him and love him. But about a year ago now, January of 2019, he began to exhibit some symptoms that we had never seen before.”

Doug’s father was diagnosed with dementia and began hearing voices that were threatening and frightening him. This is his story.

Doug’s family was concerned about having to hospitalize their father or put him on more medications. They decided to look further into Brain Life Center.

“Now there’s a world of difference. There’s no thought now of him being hospitalized- he’s much calmer, he sleeps through the night, where before he couldn’t.”

“He’s not terrified, he doesn’t go through his day afraid, hiding, which he did before.”

Doug’s father still hears voices, but “Now he can hear them and just ignore them. And there was just no thought of him being able to do that before.”

If you have an aging parent, you have the opportunity to give them a tremendous gift too. For more information on our neurotechnology call us at 248-922-9490.