"I was able to go back to school" | Brain Life Center Blog "I was able to go back to school" | Brain Life Center Blog

“Life wasn’t going down the path that I really intended for it to go.”

Jacob had a sit-down conversation with his family. He was struggling to get his life on track and move forward.

He had a lot of struggles. He slept poorly due to nightmares every night, felt constant stress, had low confidence, struggled with memorization, fought with hopelessness, and got into arguments daily at his house.

In figuring out next steps with his family, he wanted to come to us. “I knew that you guys would definitely be able to help…”

Since he came to us, his nightmares have gone away, he’s more at peace, he’s confident again, has better memorization, and his hopelessness completely went away.

Now he’s moving forward with his life again. “I was able to go back to school and I’m doing really well.”

“I can honestly say that I see a future with more success than I thought I would have, you know, three months ago, four months ago, a year ago, something to definitely build towards and build on.”

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