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“Engineering in school is tough, it’s really tough. And I kind of have really spiraled down since I started college.”

This is Corey’s story.

Corey felt overwhelmed being with her family during Christmas get-togethers. She would often seclude herself in her room when she felt overwhelmed.

She also struggled with obsessive compulsive desires, poor sleep, racing thoughts, and heavy anxiety.

Last Christmas, Corey shares that she had a great time with her family. “And it wasn’t until we were on our way home that I realized I never stepped out of the room.” She’s also built up the courage to begin connecting with her classmates at college.

Now that she doesn’t feel so overwhelmed at class, she also feels more rested when she gets home. This helps her resist midday naps, sleep better at night, and get up in the morning again.

“Therapy and medication wasn’t quite enough, so that’s another perk of this, is that it really rounds out your healing process. You can have all sorts of coping skills and medications but with your brain out of balance, there’s really not much else that can fix that besides this.”

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