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“Finally I’m back.”

Krystian is a truck driver. He couldn’t sleep for days and suffered from crippling anxiety. “I didn’t work for months ’cause I couldn’t get in a semi-truck and drive, I was just scared to go.”

“I thought I tried everything… and nothing helped, you know.”

This is Krystian’s story.

Krystian shares of the process at Brain Life Center “Oh, it was amazing.” His wife, parents, and brothers also see the difference.

“I can go to work; I drive; I’m happy; I listen to God; I listen to music; I talk to my wife on the phone. It changed my life, I’m finally back to work.”

Krystian encourages others to “Try it, because you won’t regret it. It will change your life too, because I know what you’re going through, anybody.”

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God bless.