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Ashland didn’t want to live anymore. His mom was searching for help with his sleep, anxiety, and dark moods.

Before coming to Brain Life Center

For about ten years, Ashland had terrible sleep, overwhelming feelings of dread and serious bouts with anxiety.  He struggled to find meaning in his day to day experience.

Nothing Ashland and his mom tried seemed to be working. And things were getting worse.

After coming to Brain Life Center

Ashland can now fall asleep immediately and wakes up minutes before his alarm goes off. He doesn’t need energy drinks anymore. “It’s [a] very, very freeing experience to be full of energy like this.” He feels like he can handle tasks and challenges that come his way.

Ashland’s mom shares “I feel like the Brain Life Center and the process that he’s been able to go through has saved his life, I really believe that.”

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Ashland says about the technology “You know, you’d think you would’ve heard about something this awesome, right? It should be everywhere, everyone ought to be doing this? It’s real, though. It completely works.”

His mom “highly recommends” Brain Life Center. “I wish we could have done this a long time ago, I really wish that.”

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God bless.