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James suffered from poor sleep that led to a substantial lack of joy in his life. He and his wife weren’t sure where to find help. This is their story.

Before coming to Brain Life Center

James had begun to have poor sleep after a number of difficult situations arose at the company he founded. “It became really difficult for me to get things done in a timely fashion, that I had always done for the last 17 years. So that really messed me up mentally, because I couldn’t take care of the customers the way I did.” James started losing sleep and the joy in his life began to decline.

After coming to Brain Life Center

James and Charlene were skeptical about Brain Life Center, but after a few months and talking with some friends they decided to move forward.

James was impressed by the results. “Sleep pattern is much better, mood is much better. Joy was stolen from my life, it was horrible, but it was great to have that back; I was excited about doing things I love to do again.”

Charlene, James’ wife, shares that “After the first two sessions he started sleeping through the night, which was incredible because it had been so long since he had done that. I noticed joy returning- he was much more relaxed… I got my husband back.”

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“Thank you,” James says. “Thank you for everything, you have a wonderful staff and I appreciate everything you’ve done.”

Charlene adds, “God bless you. God bless you for figuring this out, for helping people that didn’t really feel they had a chance, that didn’t know. So thank you.”

If you would like to learn more give us a call at 248-922-9490. We’d love to share this technology with you at our Auburn Hills, Michigan location.

God bless.