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Tori struggled with sleeplessness and anxiety. She and her father sought help.

Before coming to Brain Life Center

Tori’s sleeplessness and anxiety became worse over time and continued into college. “Usually I would just stay up till five in the morning and then not be able to fall asleep… I knew that I was in a constant state of panic…”

Todd, Tori’s father, was worried about her and shares: “So she had an issue with, say a friend, or a classmate, or what-have-you, and she would really take it personal and emotionally. And there were sometimes when I would come home and she would have an event take place in her life where she would be in tears.”

After coming to Brain Life Center

Tori shares “Being able to fall right asleep has been the best thing that’s happened.” She can now fall asleep and get deep, restful sleep, waking up eight hours later energized for the day. Her racing thoughts are also “a thing of the past”.

Todd shares that after the sessions, when Tori went through something hard, her response was calmer. “Not that she wasn’t feeling it, but she was able to handle it calmly, discuss it calmly with her mother and I… it was just a passing thing that she could deal with, and handle, and move on.”

Tori and her father heartily recommend Brain Life Center to others.

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