"I didn't want to lose my son." | Brain Life Center Blog "I didn't want to lose my son." | Brain Life Center Blog

“We started doing some, just counseling- and that’s a good thing, but that’s a long process, and I didn’t know if we were gonna make it that long.” – Ken Demars Sr.

Ken Demars Jr. didn’t see a reason to live anymore. His father sought help.

Ken Jr. couldn’t sleep, struggled to eat, couldn’t remember things, and saw no way out of his dark place.

His father shares, “Once it finally clicked in my mind, that in his mind there was no way out, something had to be done.”

Ken Jr.’s way out

Ken Jr. shares after coming to Brain Life Center and using the neurotechnology that he is getting more sleep, has greater recall, and can handle life one step at a time. “I was on a bad track, and now I can move forward with life. Which, a month ago, did not seem very likely.”

Beyond that- he can smile. His father shares that after Ken Jr.’s first session, “he came out and said ‘I’m smiling.’ And he was amazed that he was even smiling at all, and, you know, that was huge.”

Ken Jr. has moved out of the dark place he was once in.

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Ken Jr. shares “Appreciate you. This is some effective technology for sure. And it’s made a huge difference for me…”

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