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Jamie had a lot of trauma from childhood abuse. She had taken many steps to heal and take charge of her life, but she shares “there was still something missing.”

Jamie used to be afraid to sleep, no matter where she was. If she woke up in the middle of the night, it would take her hours to fall back asleep and her mind would be racing.

Beyond that, she struggled to speak what was on her mind and talk about her feelings due to the trauma.

Jamie’s decision

Jamie had friends who had come to Brain Life Center. She was praying if it was the right step for her. “I heard a lot about it for a few years and I always wanted to come.”

After a conversation with one of her friends who had been through the process, Jamie decided it was the right step for her.

Jamie’s thoughts after her sessions

“Everyone is saying that I’m a lot more peaceful.” Jamie has also noticed that she’s more assertive in conflict, sleeps deeper, and has greater focus. “It’s gonna change your life.”

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