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Tom was extremely skeptical when he first heard about us. He wanted to help his family and was interested in seeing if we could help his wife, who has neurological Lyme disease.

When he, his wife, and his two daughters went through their Intensives, their lives were changed. Tom shares about his and his wife’s experiences in the video below.

Tom’s productivity

Tom has a high-intensity job as a design engineer. He was often high-stress but didn’t fully recognize this before his Intensive. After he went through his first session, he became more self-aware and was able to see the areas he could grow and improve.

He gained more clarity, telling us that he felt like he was 25 again. “What’s happened is it’s like my mind is able to process at a much higher level without all the stress, so I could still pick up the same amount of work and not be all stressed out while I’m doing it.”

His wife’s Lyme disease

Tom’s wife had neurological Lyme disease, which impacted her ability to process, communicate, and get going at the beginning of the day. After she used the neurotechnology at Brain Life Center she had an amazing amount of clarity. “It’s like it’s unlocked this tremendous brilliance that was always in her brain that we haven’t seen in years that I’m just in absolute shock about,” Tom shares.

How to learn more

Tom was initially very skeptical about Brain Life Center but as he, his wife, and his daughters went through the technologies offered, they all began to see the many benefits a brain reset and in balance can bring.

If you’re interested in learning more about this neurotechnology for yourself or your own family, review the content on our website (this is a great place to start) or give us a call at 248-922-9490.