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Jan Smith runs the Maple Cove Bed and Breakfast with her husband, Mark. But her lack of sleep, memory problems, and physical sensitivities used to make her job much more difficult.

A way forward

Jan learned about Brain Life Center and went through her Assessment, learning about the imbalances in her brain and how they could be impacting these areas of her life.

After meeting with her guidance technologist, she decided to move forward with the recommended protocols.

Her sleep has improved

Jan says she hadn’t slept through the night since her children were little, and they’re all adults now. “…they grow up and leave, and I think you’re in that terrible pattern [of poor sleep].”

But even after her first two Intensive sessions, Jan began to sleep through the night. “The unexpected for me was how much energy I have had… I am getting so many things done.”

Her memory has sharpened

“Oh my goodness, when we were doing the testing and she would say ‘repeat after me’, she’d lose me after the first three numbers. I was appalled,” Jan says, laughing in retrospect.

She shares that now “I remember everything that I have to do, I don’t have to keep going back and going ‘what was I doing?'” Jan also says that her focus and concentration have greatly improved as well. “It’s wonderful, it really is.”

Her discomfort has dissipated

Jan had problems eating ice cream. “I’ve always been sort of sensitive; very, very sensitive, actually…” She and her husband would tease that she just wasn’t friends with ice cream.

After the sessions, Jan decided to try having ice cream again because she was feeling so well. She told her husband afterwards, “Mark, can you believe it- I’ve had ice cream, and… I feel fine. It was delicious.”

Jan’s life is better

Jan says it was absolutely worth it for her. “It’s worth the time, it’s worth the money, it’s your health, and you are the most important thing- it’s your temple.”

“So yes- I love it.”

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