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Toni is a wife and mother who today can smile and tell you confidently that “life is good”. Yet she had spiraled into depression just eight years ago.

Finding light in the darkness

“I’ve always been a strong advocate of being able to tell people, ‘hey, there’s always hope’,” Toni shares. She had lost her mother to suicide when she was only thirteen. Years later Toni started having sleep problems that spiraled into depression. She got to a point where she “was kinda at my rope’s end- I didn’t know where to go, what to do. She prayed, “God, how do I tell people there’s hope when I don’t feel there’s hope?”

The search for healing

Toni had tried counseling, supplements, and “whatever doctors told me to do,” she said. “My husband and I prayed about it, and just kind of got online and said ‘hey, what can I do for sleep deprivation and depression?”

They discovered Brain Life Center and called to schedule her initial assessment. When she and her husband came in for the 90-minute appointment, they experienced technologies that they didn’t know existed. They gained new insights into how her brain was functioning, and how this might be impacting her situation.

They decided to move forward with her recommended sessions.

Toni’s progress

Within four weeks Toni started noticing her sleep improve. She began to feel “there is hope, light at the end of the tunnel.” Toni has returned to work and can now say confidently “Life is good.”

“I’m not saying I’m depression-free, but the key is that this is manageable, and I can go out and share with people that you can go out there and do what God wants you to do and just be a voice for Him.”

It has now been over seven years since Toni first came to Brain Life Center and the experience that “life is good” continues for her, her husband, and her family.