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Enjoy the many stories from people who have seen transformation in themselves and their families through our technology. We’ll include video, a short written synopsis, and some of their quotes.

Millions deal with this every night.

You have a hard time falling asleep so you pass the time doing chores, checking social media, watching online videos, and entertaining other distractions.

You return to bed around midnight. And still can’t sleep.

You try listening to some light music, resting on your side, turning to your back, and you finally fall asleep.

You wake up sometime later, and with a tinge of hope you check your clock: 3:15 AM. You can’t stop the racing thoughts, so you reluctantly accept another night of poor sleep.

Robert’s testimonial

“Nothing worked for me. I just found myself in a state, really, in a state of decline, to the point where I was almost immobile.”

Robert had tried everything. He spent thousands on mattresses, studies, sleep aids, and more: but still, every night, he would wake up and not be able to fall back asleep.

He shared his struggles with a friend who had heard about Brain Life Center on the radio. Robert put off contacting us for two months, but when nothing changed he decided to give us a call. He went through a BLC Assessment and decided to move forward with the Intensive.

Within one week he was able to rest like he hadn’t in over a decade.

Robert says he now has “a state of peace”, “a clarity of mind”, and “a new level of energy.”

“I am fully rested.”