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Our Base Technology

This process is an effective, holistic, and non-invasive method of achieving greater brain flexibility, adaptability, and harmony. Improved brain function has been shown to help with sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, tension, injuries, focus and concentration, memory, clearer thinking, challenges to learning and performance, depression, and more.

You can learn more about our base technology here.

Before coming to Brain Life Center, Stephen struggled with anxiety, depression, and focus. He now has a renewed sense of confidence and is able to better regulate his emotions.

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Help for Oxford

Help is available for those affected by the tragic Oxford High School shooting, and it’s already paid for. Please help us get this message to them. If you know anyone who is in need of help: A parent, a student, a neighbor, a friend or family member, maybe even yourself.

Please call 248-922-9490, so we can help you or someone you care about learn more about this new opportunity. These donated funds will only be available for a limited time. Please help us help Oxford families and their surrounding communities.