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Video Testimonials

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•James WMUZ, sleep, creativity, weight loss    •Amy, improved mood & relaxation    •Jessica’s Mother Dianne
•Michelle, sleep & self confidence     •Ben, sleep, relaxation, focus    •Saj, Ryan, and their uncles story    •Darlene, sleep, motivation
•Rosemary, sleep, relaxation    •Alaina, relaxation, improved mood, sleep    •Iva, sleep, focus, memory    •Larry, relaxation, clarity
•Lori, energy, improved mood    •Stielers, brain Injury, anger, relaxation & improved mood    •Bob, better work performance
•Alyssa, sleep & focus    •Chris Stevenson WMUZ    •Ryan, focus & irritability    •Devan, panic attacks, headaches    •Pat, improved mood
•Pat’s Mother Nancy    •Sleep and cognitive performance    •Hong, sleep & relaxation    •Kevin, relaxation & irritability
•Stephanie, sleep, relaxation, headaches