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Post Traumatic StressStress is often too narrowly defined and can develop after exposure to a traumatic event.  It is a severe and ongoing mental and emotional reaction to a real or perceived psychological trauma to a level that usual psychological defenses are incapable of coping with.

Our clients report sensations of unusually high threat levels that they know are too much for the environment they are experiencing them in.  Our clients often report high levels of irritability with outbursts of anger, foreboding self-critical racing thoughts, and a deep sadness with very little motivation to move forward in life.  These thoughts and feelings can spiral downward quickly playing off each other in a negative way.  

At Brain Life Center the brain is given the opportunity to experience itself live in the areas of imbalance often for the first time with such clarity.  The brain’s natural ability to self-regulate and reset itself is enhanced.  The results are remarkable.  As Roy (one of our Vietnam Combat Vets) shared with us “Coming to Brain Life Center has been a miracle for me.”  For over 40 years Roy had struggled with sleeplessness, anger, pain, sadness and memory issues. Watch his story HERE.

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