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Our Technology

For The First Time In History The Brain Has a Mirror For Itself

The brain now has a technological auditory mirror for itself. It is a safe and comfortable non-invasive EEG mirror effect that allows the brain to self-regulate on its own terms. It turns measurable brainwave activity into high resolution tones that are sent back to the brain live. As the brain responds to itself live we measure and track with great detail and humbly experience remarkable results.

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Improved brain function

This process is an effective, holistic and non-invasive method of achieving greater brain balance, flexibility and harmony. Improved brain function has been shown to help with: sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, injuries, disorders, pain, addictive dependencies, and challenges to learning and performance.
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This Brain Life Center graphic presents a general layout of Brain State Technologies’ BWO process.


How This Technology Works

Why This Technology is Unique

Traditional medicine contends that chemistry drives function. We believe that function drives chemistry and primary function begins in the brain.

This licensed and certified technology from Brain State Technologies is patented and quite unique from standard forms of Neurofeedback, which depend on operant conditioning (forcing brainwaves into new and prescribed patterns). This technology passively supports the brain to self-regulate back to its healthy state. Brain changes happen more quickly and permanently when the brain balances itself rather than a person being asked to consciously train their own brain. Results happen faster and last longer when the brain seeks its own “normal” rather than being forced to match a pre-determined pattern of “normal.”

Brainwave Optimization’s approach is based on the belief that brainwave disturbances are a result of physical and emotional traumas. We are able to identify how trauma is affecting brain function and brain patterns. With this understanding we are able to directly target the areas of the brain that most require this passive auditory mirror effect. As a result this modality is faster and more effective which is why our clients usually report results within five to ten sessions.

How To Get Started

You can experience this technology first-hand by scheduling a comprehensive Assessment. It is a safe and comfortable read-only series of tests followed by a meeting with your Brain Life Center Guidance Technologist who will review your results with you and answer any questions that you may have. Our client support team is available by phone seven days a week to help you get started. We are committed to your comfort and clarity as you discover how we can benefit you, your family, your friends and your associates.

Our Two-Hour Assessment Includes the Following:
–  120 point objective and subjective survey
–  Non-invasive electroencephalograph brainwave measurement
You will be able to view of your own brain functioning and go over imbalances and trauma imprints that might be present.
–  Eyes opened/engaged and eyes closed Brain State Technologies’ Brain Map development and evaluation
–  Personal comparative matching and protocol recommendations, if appropriate
–  Brain Life Center question and answer time.
We are commited to answering any questions you may have about us, our technology and how we can help.

This Assessment is $150.
It is $75 for the second immediate family member and $60 for our veterans.

Our support team is available to help you schedule your initial assessment:
Monday-Friday 7AM-9PM, Saturday 10AM-5PM and Sunday 1PM-6PM.

We are here to help and we pray that we may be a blessing to you and your family.