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Improving Lives One Brain at a Time

Safe • Painless • Non-Invasive • Non-Medical • Drug free

  • We have helped over 60,000 men, women, and children since 2001
  • Our patented technology continues to increase in speed and effectiveness
  • We now have the largest human brainwave database in the world.

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We have received a BST certified Masters Level 5
for our experience and level of service with this

technology. This is the highest level currently

awarded for this modality. From our Supports

Coordinator and Team Psychologist to our

Pharmacist on staff and Lead Technologist,

we have assembled a team of passionate

individuals dedicated to serving our community

with integrity and compassion.

 Over 85% Report Significant Improvement With:

ADD | ADHD | Anxiety | Depression | Memory | Learning Difficulties | Chronic Pain | Anger Management | Irritability | Addictive Dependencies | Headaches  Stress | Energy | Cognitive Performance | Sports Performance | Executive Training | Chronic Fatigue | Dementia | Sexual Function | Brain Injury
Our technology can be helpful for many other brain related concerns as well.

Over 90% Report Significant Improvement With Sleep

For the first time in history this safe and comfortable technology creates a live auditory mirror for the brain.  This mirror effect supports the brain’s natural ability to self-regulate on it’s own terms.

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“This is a new and exciting opportunity to promote health and healing”
Charles H. Tegeler, M.D., Professor of Neurology, Wake Forest Medical Center