85-90% Report Significant Improvement With

Sleep      Anxiety      Panic Attacks      Hyperactivity
ADD/ADHD      Inability to Focus      Poor Memory      Concentration
Energy      Stress      Depression     Anger Management      Chronic Pain
Chronic Fatigue      Hypertension      Addictive Dependencies
Weight Management      Learning Difficulties      Eating Disorders

SGT. D.F., U.S. Army 10th MTN. Div., Purple Heart Recipient
“After Brainwave Optimization I am now sleeping better than I ever have, and I am happy to say that my irritability / anger has decreased significantly. The anxiety I previously experienced is now in my control, meaning that I understand my own frustrations and can take effective measures to resolve issues, minimizing stress and anxiety.”

Learn About Our Technology First Hand By Scheduling An Assessment

Your 90 minute Assessment will include the following:
- 120 point objective/subjective survey
-  Non-invasive electroencephalograph brainwave measurement
(You will “see” your own brain functioning and view imbalances and/or trauma imprints that might be present.)
- Eyes opened/engaged and eyes closed Brain Map development and evaluation
- Personal comparative matching and protocol recommendation
- Attuned Mind Brain Wave Optimization question and answer time

More About Our Technology
(High-resolution, Relational, Resonance-based, Electroencephalic Mirroring)

Combining the latest advances in neuroscience, neuroplasticity, computer technology, and mathematics, Attuned Mind offers a technology that helps people of all ages and conditions to overcome cognitive, emotional, and physical challenges, and enhance overall performance and well-being.
Our technology represents a major innovation in the field of EEG biofeedback (sometimes called neuro-feedback). It is very different however from neuro-feedback in that Attuned Mind’s methodology takes advantage of significant advances in computer engineering technology that have occurred in the last decade, and integrates a more nuanced understanding of global brain functioning, including the roles of hemispheric symmetry and sub-cortical brain activity.

Over 40,000 clients have used our technology to date.  We collect and manage a voluminous amount of data with regard to brain functioning. This wealth of informative data helps us continue to make new discoveries, positioning us at the forefront of advances in neuroplasticity.

As new discoveries in neuroscience and neuroplasticity emerge, many physicians and other health care professionals are finding that our neuro-technology can have a highly facilitatory role in the path to greater well-being.

Between 85 and 90 percent of our clients report a significant improvement in one or more of the concerns that led them to seek out our modality and we currently have studies underway with major universities to evaluate the efficacy of our technology in controlled study settings.

Lee Gerdes And Our BWO Technology

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