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Safe • Comfortable • Non-Invasive • Non-Medical • Drug free

  • Sleep deeper and wake energized with improved focus and concentration.
  • Feel a natural and effortless release of your physical and emotional stress.
  • Move through darker sad emotions into a healthy sustained happiness.
  • 120,000 people have discovered the many benefits of a self-optimized brain.

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Serving the Detroit area since 2008

We have been serving our local community here in southeast Michigan since 2008 and our certified technology from Brain State Technologies (BST) has been improving lives since 2001. Our team of over twenty five passionate individuals has allowed us to expand and improve in a number of important ways from our systems of collaboration with BST to all of our personal client services. We now offer six state-of-the art BWO Tech rooms and as we continue to move forward we will always be committed to creating an environment of warmth, compassion and clarity that enhances the lives of those we serve.
“It is an absolute miracle in my life.  It’s helping people with trauma, things so horrific that you just can’t seem to heal from it.  This is for you.”
Wynonna Judd, Country Music Singer, Discussing Brain Wave Optimization
“Since I went to Brain Life Center I have not had one sleepless night. I fall asleep faster, I have more mental clarity and I just flat out feel better.”
Bob Dutko, WMUZ, #1 Christian Talk Show Host in Michigan
“I am sleeping every night.  My anger has gone away.  My stress and tension has gone away.  This is something I would recommend to anybody.  It’s changed my life.”
Roy, Combat Veteran, Vietnam, After struggling with PTSD for over 40 Years
I was able to play music on stage again without freaking out.  I haven’t had a crippling stage fright moment since BLC. My whole life changed.
Al Bettis, Singer, Song Writer, Musician
It helped him overcome some very sad times.  He’s sleeping better, he looks better and he’s eating better.  Our house is happy again.  We have our son back.
Nancy brought her son to Brain Life Center